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Blank Canvas Programme

Our original perinatal peer support programme

Having a baby is a transformative experience, bringing a range of emotions and fears. Around 1 in 5 women are thought to be affected by perinatal mental health challenges at some point during this journey. Many of these mums are affected by mild/moderate illness, and may not have access to NHS specialist support. Peer support has been shown to be an effective intervention for women in this category, bringing them together with other mums to share their lived experience. Furthermore, the therapeutic benefits of creativity are known to be effective in managing low level anxiety and depression. 

Blank Canvas Programme: Services

Sounds good right?

Here's how it works

Blank Canvas owner Elaine, a midwife and artist has developed this 8 week programme of creative workshops to support expectant and new mums. Participants are guided through a series of art based activities, with the aim of creating a personal journal, a safe space to explore difficult emotions and promote recovery. The programme has proved successful with mums reporting reduced levels of anxiety, lower levels of depression and a sense of inclusion and empowerment. 

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Blank Canvas Programme to your clients.

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Blank Canvas Programme: Welcome
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